Indian Freight Forwarding

China and India, the world's two most populous countries, are trading with each other more and more frequently. China's exports to India mainly include steel, fertilizer, pharmaceutical intermediates, agricultural products, chemical products, textiles and furniture.India's exports to China are mainly iron ore, cotton, plastic, auto parts, gems and precious metals.At the same time, there are many ports in China and India. Goods exported from China are transported by sea to India's basic ports such as NHAVA SHEVA, PIPAVAV, MUNDRA and CHENNAI, and then transported by Indian railways to India's inland points such as DELHI, LUDHIANA, KANPUR, JAIPUR, AHMEDABAD, ANKLESHWAR, NAGPUR, HYDERABAD, MANGALORE and BANGALORE.HLC especially in textile fabrics, textile machinery, pharmaceutical intermediates product transport, with many years of transport experience, has a group of professional logistics personnel, for the customer's goods escort, the goods quickly and safely to the destination port and the final destination.

OOG Container

OOG (OUT OF GAUGE) is short for oversize container or over standard container. There are many types of special cabinets, which are mainly divided into: Open Top Container, Flat Rack Container (also known as frame cabinet or stool cabinet), Reefer Container, Dress Hanger Container and Tank Container.If you have the special goods of overweight, super long, super wide and super high size, please contact us and we will make a reasonable logistics plan for you.

DG Cargo

According to the different dangers of goods, DG Cargo can be divided into nine categories:
Class 1: explosives
Class 2: compressed and liquefied gases
Class 3: flammable liquids
Class 4: flammable solids, spontaneous combustion articles and wet flammable articles
Category 5: oxidants and organic peroxides
Category 6: toxic and infectious logistics
Category 7: radioactive materials
Class 8: corrosion products
Category 9: miscellaneous

HLC can now receive 2 categories, 3 categories, 4 categories, 5 categories, 6 categories, 8 categories, 9 categories of dangerous goods, we can arrange dangerous goods warehouse loading and loading container to the factory land transport services.HLC has a special arrangement of dangerous goods transport commissioner, arrange DG Cargo shipping, DG  declaration, DG loading/trailer, DG customs clearance one-stop service, till DG Cargo handover to the importer successfully.


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