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DG Cargo
According to the different dangers of goods, DG Cargo can be divided into nine categories:
Class 1: explosives
Class 2: compressed and liquefied gases
Class 3: flammable liquids
Class 4: flammable solids, spontaneous combustion articles and wet flammable articles
Category 5: oxidants and organic peroxides
Category 6: toxic and infectious logistics
Category 7: radioactive materials
Class 8: corrosion products
Category 9: miscellaneous

HLC can now receive 2 categories, 3 categories, 4 categories, 5 categories, 6 categories, 8 categories, 9 categories of dangerous goods, we can arrange dangerous goods warehouse loading and loading container to the factory land transport services.HLC has a special arrangement of dangerous goods transport commissioner, arrange DG Cargo shipping, DG  declaration, DG loading/trailer, DG customs clearance one-stop service, till DG Cargo handover to the importer successfully.

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